The Whistle of the Condor


Rondador (panpipe) is one of the oldest instruments played in Latin America made of condor feathers, bamboo and cotton string, creating a purely beautiful sound echoing in the Andean mountain tops where the condors fly.

The photograph of the rondador  below is taken in the Musical Instruments Gallery of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The showcase dating back 1500 B.C is the world’s largest collection of musical instruments on display, it’s really worth a visit.


Musical Instruments Gallery, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


A well-known folk song played with this instrument is “El Condor Pasa”.  In the original lyrics, an allegory is made to the condor flying high above in the sky as the symbol of freedom and dignity. As flying, he looks at the Andean miners working below and his flight becomes the miners’ aspiration for freedom and a dignified life.


Listen from Simon &Garfunkel on vinyl, from the 60s with the English title “If I Could




June 8, 2019
Duygu Bruce

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