The Dream of Humanity: Immortality


Google, Amazon and Apple are pumping in millions of dollars to scientific research conducted by various institutions aimed at solutions to aging, to stay “forever young” and ultimately to resolve death and achieve immortality.

The research is close to dechipering the answer: the trick is in the telomeres –the “caps” at the end of each strand of DNA. Besides protecting our genetic data, the telomeres are enabling the cell to divide and reproduce. However, each time a cell reproduces, the telomeres shorten and as they shorten so does our life span.

As it has been already found that telomere shortening rate is a powerful predictor of species life span, the researchers are almost certain now that the telomeres are holding the secret to how we age.

The brightly lit tips point to the location of the telomeres.

Each time a cell is divided and reproduced, the enzyme telomerase is expressed by human stem cells to replenish the telomeres. However, the replenishing slows over the life span leading to cellular ageing : lesser divisions and proneness to disease and DNA mutations.

Scientists from the Stanford University of Medicine state that they have discovered a way to replenish the enzyme telomerase and consequently it would be possible to reverse aging. When applied to skin cells they found that these cells divided 28 times more! If the key to auto-regeneration and restoring youth is found, then what has been science-fiction is becoming a reality – science is at the edge of reversing the ageing process and probably even more –achieving immortality, while fate being cautiously kept outside the laboratory.


Duygu Bruce
November 3, 2019

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