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A State of Love

  The lover, madly in love cannot think of anything else but his love. All his thoughts and dreams are about the beloved. In the mirror, he sees himself through the eyes of his lover. Fantasizes about what she may be doing or whether if she thinking about him…he goes to sleep thinking about her, wakes up with an image of her. Wherever he goes, he is intoxicated with this love, all else fades away. At times, he laughs or he sighs turning his gaze to a point far ahead. The states of love – as we recognize are plenty,

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Charter for Compassion

Karen Armstrong Over the last decade compassion has become a major research area in psychology and cognitive neuroscience. It is defined as feeling for the ot.her and being ready to help her/him cease the pain. It is an affective state such that it instinctually motivates us to help the one in need. We react as if compassion is part of our nature. Neuroscientists say yes! It is in our nature, and the neurons are readily wired for the compassionate archetype. However, the individual differences measured on the scale of compassionate behavior are explained by how much it is cultivated in

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Dancing Universe

  Marcelo Gleiser, professor of physics, describes physics as follows in the introduction of his book Dancing Universe: Physics is a game played with nature. Then he states the following quote from Richard Feynman: Imagine that the world is something like a great chess game being played by the gods, and we are observers of the game. We do not know what the rules of the game are; all we are allowed to do is to watch the playing. Of course, if we watch long enough, we may eventually catch on to a few rules. The rules of the game

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How to be happy? Where? With whom? When do we get happy? The question is asked as long as we are alive. We do evaluations and measurements of our happiness; then we may occasionally reach a conclusion : somewhat happy, sometimes happy, more or less happy, in the past or present, or will be in the future… We remember the last time we were happy, or it happens that we fantasize a possible future happiness. Sometimes we measure with what we have, sometimes we measure it as an extent of our expectations being fulfilled or just obtaining what we desire.

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Bhagavad Gita

A sacred Indian myth, dates back to hundred or according to some, 3000 years before Christ. It contains the essence of the eastern philosophy and mystical thought; considered as a masterpiece above all Indian doctrines. It basically consists of dialogues between Prince Arcuna who has to battle against his relatives for the sake of justice and the God Krishna who is the charioteer. Arcuna does not want to make war, whereas Krishna advises him that his soul and its comprehension will only be enhanced by taking action. He who acts and does his job in a good way will not

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In the opening article of this blogue, the word is about Hafez. There are quite a number of people both in the east and west who effortfully tried to translate his work. Many studied his Divan and his life, which is full with miracles as well as his words. Hafez was born in Shiraz and his birth date is estimated to be around 1319. The details of his lifetime are not known by many. He took the name Hafez because he could cite the Kuran, Sadi, Attar and Rumi by heart early on in life. Upon his father’s death, Hafez

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