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Emotions Behind the Mask

  “Our eyes, our pupils, our hands, our gestures … it is our whole body that will be called upon to transmit our emotions when wearing a mask,” says neuropsychologist known with her research on vision and cognition, and psychology of perception. “Wearing a mask can prevent us from decoding what the facial features radiate,” she says and continues : To communicate, we need to process the information which is emitted in the triangle formed between the eyes and the mouth. This information we gather from the facial emotions allows us to understand the state and the intention of the

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Where Science and Spirituality Meet

  “God is very subtle, but he is not malicious.” –Einstein Nobel winning Professor of Physics Charles H. Townes (1915-2015) explains why he believes that science and religion may ultimately converge : Some consider science and religion as fundamentally different domains in their techniques and rendering a just direct confrontation between the two impossible. Others find refuge in one of the two fields and consider the other as contingent or even harmful. To me science and religion are both universal, and very similar. The goal of science is to discover the order in the universe and to understand through it,

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Let’s Not Go Back to Normal

  From Juliette Binoche to Robert De Niro more than 200 artists and scientists around the world sign a call to arms by saying “No to going back to normal” after Covid-19. Actress Juliette Binoche who pins it down in the French newspaper Le Monde, recites clearly and precisely that we, as individuals and societies, must act immediately to sustain a coherent and dignified life during and after the pandemic : The Covid-19 pandemic is a tragedy. This crisis is, however, inviting us to examine what is essential. And what we see is simple : « adjustments » are not enough. The problem is systemic.

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The Eternal Love of Cupid and Psyche

    Once upon a time, a king had three daughters. The beauty of the youngest, Psyche, ψυχή was beyond description. The fame of her beauty was spread all around that people from other countries would come to see her, and were fascinated by what they saw. In her praise, they sang odes to her and surrendered her with chaplets. So much so that even the altars of Venus were abandoned. Offended by the growing exaltation of a young mortal, Venus exclaimed : ” She shall not seize my divine honors for I will give her cause to repent of

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Happiness Trails in Nature

Peter Wohlleben, forester and the author of international bestseller The Hidden Life of Trees reflects: “Our need of nature is an integral part of our humanity,” and he proposes ways to meet that part of us which draws us to nature. He discovered it in himself some twenty years ago at a time when he was working to optimize the forestry output to provide the lumber industry, and when trees were nothing more than economic commodities for him. During the same period, he witnessed the wondering passion of scientists conducting research in the forest, and with what he learned from

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An Astrophysicist’s Flirt with the Universe

We are confined within the limits of our knowledge of the natural world, and yet we strive toward knowledge, always more knowledge… Yet we cannot ever think that we know everything. Knowledge advances yes, but it is like an island surrounded by the ocean of the unknown. “As the Island of Knowledge grows so does the shore of our ignorance.” We are actually confronting the mystery of who we are.

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